Grocery store a haven for tourists

Lorraine Doiron's View from the Porch.

At the Safeway: a young couple, the fellow carrying the basket. Turning to his partner, hands her the basket and says “you be the gatherer, I’ll be the hunter.” He walked off, “hunting” for items on their list.

Safeway parking lot: an RV with a sign on the door “Ark on Wheels”. Wondered about animals two by two inside. Remembered a comedy skit by Bill Cosby where he played Noah building the Ark under God’s direction. Another vehicle from Alberta with a license plate: SOLD IT. I wonder what they sold?  Vehicle from Saskatchewan, license plate “KP   3”.

Same parking lot, two pickups each pulling a boat, four guys from Prince George and Fort St. James, heading for some fishing in Kitimat.  They sleep in their boats, said they always stop here because the Safeway is the best store ever, has everything that they need and the chicken is awesome. Glen, Kevin, Paul and Luke had a good laugh when I said they were nearly making up the 12 disciples. One felt I should add a halo because they don’t drink or smoke but another nearly chocked on his chicken over that.

Met Stan and Verna Thomson from Stewart a few weeks ago. Here to visit their daughter Diane Nicola. They have lived in Stewart 50 years. I asked if Stewart still held the bed races on the July long weekend. Not this year. Instead a helicopter dropped balloons containing prizes.

My neighbour recently passed away, had been ill for some time. She was taken to the Terrace hospital, would spend a few days getting her strength up and then probably move there so family could help more. I thought to go over to give her a hug and assure her that her place would be looked after, kept safe for her return but then felt like maybe I would be intruding so I did not go, Now I so regret not doing that because she is gone. Lost my chance.

Remember: the Northwest Animal Shelter Society garage sale, Saturday August 6 at the warehouse behind Sears. Drop off items Thursday and Friday, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Available at the library, crossword puzzle and word search forms. Get a head start on the Friends of the Smithers Library Fall Fair contest. Instructions in the Fair prize book.

Story told to me: a man died, ended up waiting in line to be assessed by St. Peter. It was a long line and while waiting he looked around. He saw the devil sorting through people. Some he would send immediately into the fires of hell, others he piled up to one side. After a while the man decided to ask what this was about and approached the devil. “Mr. Devil, sir, why are you piling up those people over there instead of throwing them into the fire?” the devil replied “Oh, those are Smithereens and they’re too wet to burn!”

A good comment on our summer.