Gratitude turns to disappointment in Cullen values comments

Gratitude turns to disappointment in Cullen values comments

Writer thought MP’s words were wise before Cullen apologized for them.


I was surprised — and grateful — to hear of MP Nathan Cullen’s thoughtful response to the Liberal government’s decision to require Canadians to support abortion, among other things, in order to qualify for the Canada summer jobs program.

Cullen said in a press conference, “it is actually beyond provocative, I think it is offensive to some Canadians because it is saying ‘if you hold these values you are not worthy of any government funding even if the work you are doing supports the Charter, supports the general values that Canadians hold.’ It seems to be driving a wedge on something that we needed no wedge on.”

It was disappointing that he then felt the need to have to apologize for his comments and affirm that he and the NDP are “fiercely pro-choice.” It makes me wonder what kind of pressure he received. Nathan Cullen’s original comments were plain old common-sense, even wise. They didn’t take any position on abortion. Everyone should be concerned if government programs may only go to those who profess the ideology of the current party forming government.

I can understand why every year that passes, more and more Canadians are leaving the camp of the “fiercely pro-choice.”

Kerri Posthuma