Good job, candidates


Another federal election has come and gone and Canada’s politicians can once again head for Ottawa with their new mandates.   Congratulations to our MP (who it was was unknown at the time of this writing).

Considering the difficulties that so many countries have with their governments today,  I think this   might be a good time to reflect on how fortunate we are in Canada to be able to select our Government the way we do.

That being said and considering what we saw of the campaign,  I also believe the rest of Canada can take a lesson from the Skeena – Bulkley Valley Constituency candidates who all managed to run good campaigns while treating their opponents with such respect.

This was very evident in the Candidates’ debate at St. Joseph’s School in Smithers last week.  This is the manner in which the voter gets the information to make a good decision.  It is democracy at its best. Thank you to all the candidates for you efforts.

Jim Senka

Council of


Bulkley Valley Chapter