Give the trees a chance


It’s great that the Central Park Society wants to improve the look of the Main Street intersection. It is unfortunate that they plan to do this by removing beautiful trees and paving over grass. How do these trees “impair the view down Main Street”? The only view these trees impair is that of the many chain restaurant signs in that area of town, and I for one am glad for the break from power poles and signage that they provide.

The Central Park Building is a nice enough old structure, but removing the tree screening in front of it won’t be doing any viewscapes any favours. The Mohawk property should have trees added to bring it up to the standard of the Central Park property; taking trees away from Central Park to make it match the brownfield across the highway makes no sense.

I hope the town council takes a look at the number of remaining large trees in the downtown area before approving this plan.

Dave Livesey