Excitement growing over playoffs

I’ll take the blame if things go south from this point on, but I’m getting excited over all the play off excitement with the Canucks right now.

Now, of course being a weekly paper the Monday game will have passed by the time you read this and the players will be getting set for the match this evening at 5. Don’t worry if you have to put this down to watch the game, I’ll still be here.

Anyway, to continue (or should I say welcome back?), I have to confess I’m not the greatest hockey fan the world has known.

Don’t get me wrong, I want the Canucks to succeed, but I don’t get my scores from NHL websites or television broadcasts. I typically get it from word-of-mouth. And usually the word from my mouth, pre-playoffs, when people are talking about a hockey game is “there was game last night?”

A few weeks back we ran a cartoon just to the right of this column with a guy holding up a sign that read “Coconuts” with another person kindly pointing out that the phrase is “Go Canucks.” The message was you can tell who hasn’t been around from the start. If I were to self-identify, I guess I’d be that sign holder.

But at this point in the game there is simply no way I can’t start peeking at the scores, and catching the wrap ups. Even streaming the games on my computer. (As I have no television service.)

It’s also impossible not to smile as motorists take up and down Main Street honking horns over the victory.

I know the town’s not just honking for the Canucks though. We’re rooting for the home boy, Dan Hamhuis. The Bulkley Valley is standing behind our NHL star. I know we’re all watching closely to see if he gets to play in the next set of games.

Yet even if he can’t, we all know his value and contribution. It was the Canucks with Hamhuis on the roster that made it to the Stanley Cup finals.

I’ll be watching for his return, but in the meantime I just had to spend just a few moments to basically say, Go Hamhuis, and Go Canucks.


Cameron Orr is the editor of The Interior News.