Evacuees’ uplifting experience in Smithers

Evacuees’ uplifting experience in Smithers

Bernd Eisele and Bettina Egert said Smithers turned a challenging experience to an uplifting one.


During the second half of July we were evacuated from our town, Williams Lake, due to the surrounding wildfires. We chose to stay in Smithers because of its location, splendour, outdoor recreation possibilities, restaurants and, especially, the positive and energetic “vibe.”

As a director of the Williams Lake Downtown Business Association, downtown Smithers has been a model that I aspire to duplicate in our community.

We also met your mayor, Taylor; had a lengthy conversation with him and were impressed by his inclusive and progressive thinking, his respect for First Nations members as well as for the less-privileged in our society.

As a complete surprise to us, the Town of Smithers agreed to reimburse us for the camping fees we incurred at their municipal campground. Thank you so much for your generosity during challenging times and special thanks to Mike Moore, who offered to financially assist the Town in regards to reimbursing camping fees for evacuees. It is people such as Mike that make a difference in this world.

Thanks again Smithers, for making the challenging and unplanned evacuation from our town such an uplifting and memorable experience and, should need arise, we will be here for you.

Bernd Eisele and Bettina Egert

Williams Lake