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Enjoying the fruits of your labour

Erik reminds gardeners like himself to slow down every once in a while
The Gardener’s Corner

Once I heard this statement: “Speed is the enemy of observation.”

I know in my life, I love gardening so much I could go on forever, if I had the energy. At times, I will admit to running around the garden, to get a job done, before sitting down for a coffee.

To find a time to enjoy the fruit of my labour, is important. Perhaps you can relate to that.

One summer afternoon, I sat in my garden chair, watching the activities around the ice cream stand, when my eyes focused in the direction of the top of one of my apple trees. When I realized what I saw, it was a new set of flowers in the month of July. It isn’t often you get a second crop of apples. Well, these ones only got to be the size of a large cherry.

Last Spring, I build a planter two by two feet for my front porch, where there is only shade. I had in mind to plant impactions in it, as these plants don’t tolerate any sun. For those of you who are not familiar with the impactions, just to let you know, it is not my middle name, even some would properly disagree.

When I was getting ready for winter, emptying my flower boxes, I decided to replant the impaction plants into individual planters and place them in my window sill. I have since learned they are heavy feeders, so mixed some Miracle-Gro fertilizer in the water.

It is now two weeks ago and the plants are setting flower buds. I had some extra water mix I used to fertilize my Christmas Cactus. It is also setting buds.

By the time you read this, it will be Christmas eve.

Christmas or the holidays, will be for many a difficult time. Perhaps you know of a friend who has lost a dear one. A plant from you, a gardener, might brighten that.

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