Spice of Life

Spice of Life

Enjoy the northern signs of spring

From the melt to chattering squirrels to piles of doggy do, Brenda feels spring in the air

I know spring is not here yet. March 20 is the official day. Of course, we can spring ahead with the time change on March 14. What I want to talk about is the real northern signs of spring.

Just the other day we had a melting snow. You know how that goes. A dump of new snow over the old starts the melting process. That is not all of course. On this plus-8 day I could hear the chickadees singing their spring song. One hardy little fellow had a quick splash about in a small puddle.

The squirrels are very busy these days. I am sure all this activity will result in more of their kind. Just what I need. Even the flying squirrels are very active at night.

I have been told that ravens and crows have been taking sticks to their old nest for a bit of repair. Some of you in the know have watched me walk ravens along the main road.

The other day, as I walked down toward my cabin, I felt tugging happening at the back of my baggy pants. It was Bloop Bloop, the tame raven.

I am not sure what the purpose was in his mind. Not a frisky spring thing surely. I figure it was because I had not given him his snack from my bulging pocket of treats.

I did see some grass today and a winter weary plant of forget-me-nots. A few pussy willows.

One thing I know for sure is that I have a lot of discarded seeds from the feeders on the ground. I know this has to be raked up. Rotting seed with bird droppings in them is a problems for birds. It will make them sick.

It is also a good idea to clean the feeders with a mild solution of bleach.

Today was a good day to groom the dog and the cat outside. If you get a lot of hair save some of it for nesting material for some birds. I just set in on branches of willows etc. When the time comes the birds will take what they need.

Talking about dogs I can see many piles of doggy-do that have settled into the driveway. I was going to try to dig it out of those snow holes but I will wait until the “business” is at ground level.

If all this isolation and the winter fading slowly away is making you anxious or suffering from cabin fever try to enjoy the sunny days. A bit of sun on our old bodies can lift the spirits. I can tell you that is how I felt this very day and I sat in my sun-filled wood shed.

I am also happy with signs on my trails. These signs made by my talented friend Cindy tell when I have made a wrong turn. Probably only works for direction not all the foibles of life.

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