Enbridge economics all wrong

Benefits of Enbridge are misleading and misrepresentative of economic reality.


The preciously rare, independent, self-funded economist Robyn Allen (who was the CEO of ICBC) paints a very disturbing picture of the flawed conclusions of several economic studies hailing exaggerated benefits from the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal.

She writes, “Each of these studies alleges vast benefits without due recognition of costs and promise enormous economic gains from new pipeline access to the U.S. Gulf Coast and B.C.’s West Coast.

“The benefit figures developed in these studies are misleading and misrepresentative of economic reality.

“The reports are used by industry proponents as quantitative billy-clubs to beat back public inquiry and drive the discussion away from a thorough examination of the macroeconomic implications and full discussion of costs and benefits.

“Instead, we have a forced narrative.

“We are told industry financial gain must take precedence over environmental risk and First Nations’ rights.

“This is a false dichotomy and not a trade-off we should have to make.”

Anyone should read at least the executive summary of this stunning report, An Analysis of Canadian Oil Expansion Economics, April 10, 2012.

The report demonstrates clearly that the Enbridge proposal is not in the Canadian national interest.

It will increase the price of gasoline at our pumps while maintaining a high petro-loonie which is devastating to the manufacturing sector and other exports.

Josette Wier