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Editorial unfairly links Conservatives and BC United

Stikine Conservative Riding Association objects to being compared to former Liberals


This letter is in response to the recent editorial (“Election long way off; campaign full on,” The Interior News, April 11, 2024).

We agree that the current BC NDP government is on a spending frenzy, gearing up in an attempt to buy votes in the upcoming October provincial election.

You are also absolutely correct that the voters have the control, especially on election day. It’s a shame our current government is acting without (and sometimes even against) the will of the people in many ways the last few years. A few current examples of this are:

Bill 36 (Health Professions and Occupations Act), proposed Land Act reforms (by our own MLA, Nathan Cullen), the decriminalization of hard drugs, and the list goes on. We are currently witnessing a major shift in BC politics. People want change, as evidenced in numerous recent polling results.

We disagree with your implication that there is no difference between the BC United (previously BC Liberal) and the Conservative Party of BC.

To begin, all elected MLAs will be able to vote first to represent their riding constituents, the party comes second.

Other fundamental differences include the desire for smaller, more efficient government, less tax, significant health care reform, more support of parents, reversal of hard drug decriminalization with a focus on rehabilitation, championing of small businesses rather than stifling economic growth, among many more.

No matter what choices are made by the electorate, we hope everyone makes their voice heard on election day!


Conservative Party of BC Riding Association