E-subscription not a good idea

Mark Barnes doesn't like the idea of an e-subscription.


I would like to register my vote against the fact that you are starting to charge for reading your paper online.

I lived in Smithers for seven years and read your paper religiously every week.

I then moved to Terrace and then to south-eastern Saskatchewan three years ago and have followed Smithers happenings every week through your on-line edition.

When last week I went to read it and suddenly found that I was unable to I was devastated, and unpleased that rampant capitalism had reared it’s ugly head.

My first thought was that ‘oh no his dastardly namesake Conrad has infiltrated David’s thinking’.

As the online edition is nowhere near as comprehensive as the actual paper I am not about to pay for a subscription.

Also, I am not about to pay out of principle.

Thank you for your time and 15 years of your paper.

Mark Barnes

Oxbow, Sask.


Editor’s Note: An e-subscription does allow access to all issues of the Interior News online.