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Sonja Lester - Hard Copy

Dudley does right: valley resident releases book of yarns, memories and opinions

Sonja’s weekly roundup of Bulkley Valley anecdotes and happenings

My sister was driving and I was 15 and we got in a car accident on Main Street in Vancouver.

It was awhile before it got into court, maybe a week or two, but at 15 that is a long time.

The verdict ended in our favour because the judge said it is obvious that the girls weren’t prepped by the way their stories vary. Of course, it also helped that the lawyer said to the plaintiff, “so you are telling us that the side of their car came out and hit you?”

I feel like that about my story about Shadow the grizzly bear released by Peter Langen from Northern Lights Wildlife shelter.

I got to watch the show again.

After waking up Shadow charged the COs and Peter, warning them as if to say: don’t ever do that again. They backed up toward the helicopter and she turned into her new territory. Her radio collar monitor showed that within the next few weeks she was exploring her new domain. Wild Bear Rescue comes on CTV and K:HD.

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One of our valley girls is booked to perform in London on Nov. 21. Underground Sound is presenting Elena Goddard at Amershan Arms, London. There may be a second lockdown in that country because of COVID-19, but a date hasn’t been set for it so not yet sure if it will interfere with her performing.

Don (Dudley) Goulder has been in this valley for 33 years. He was a teen in Calgary and moved to the U.S. when he was 14, ‘until they tried to draft his little butt.’

There was a job opening in Stewart and at 19 years of age he and a wife moved up across the border and arrived in Stewart by freighter. The only place they could find to stay was at the King Edward Hotel and after a month found a cabin to rent in Hyder, Alaska.

That is near the beginning of what will become a collection of many of Dudley’s stories.

In December 2018 he had a stroke or seizure that landed him in the hospital. Kevin Widen thought then that he should record Dudley’s stories and write them. The two have collaborated on a book.

In Dudley’s words it is a collection of yarns, memories and opinions. I haven’t had a chance to read it but skimming the book Dudley – Maintenance Man, I get the gist it is very candidly written in his own voice and covers a lifetime.

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