Downside of Enbridge economics

Much has been said about the negative environmental impact of the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal.


Much has been said about the negative environmental impact of the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal.

Much has been said about the positive economic impact.

Jobs, jobs and more jobs, granted short term jobs but everybody will get rich.

Nothing has been said about the negative economic impact of the pipeline. Nobody talks about it.  Is there a downside?

Could this be because we just don’t want to know? Or maybe, just maybe, are we putting our blind trust in our federal and our provincial leaders.

If this is the case we’re a bunch of suckers and deserve what we get.  Whatever the reason we’d better wake up and fast.

We are being blind-side by Voodoo Economics.

Positive economics of course and spread so thick most of us can’t see through it.

As a farmer I’d label it cow manure, and we’ve bought it, a whole load of it.

Open your eyes people! The information is out there and written in such a way that even I can understand it.

Go to your computer and enter ‘Robyn Allen and Enbridge.’

Allen is a very respected economist and lays out a very scary scenario, if it goes ahead.

If you don’t have a computer, beg or borrow one. If you are unable  or unwilling to do this, ask yourself who’s going to pay for it?

Enbridge of course, but on our backs.

How? Through an increase in the price of oil.

Ever hear of the law of supply and demand.

When the supply shrinks and demand increases or remains stable,  prices will go up.

Enbridge and its Chinese partners will be in control . By limiting the supply of domestic crude our price at the gas pump will increase.

They will be in control and will use their clout to regulate our  prices. We have been sold out by our illustrious leaders.

An increase in oil prices will set off a round of inflation like we’ve never seen before.

Interest rates will go up, businesses will close, jobs will be lost and people will lose their homes.

Loss of buying power, lower standard of living and higher food costs. Doesn’t anyone remember free trade?

We all took a hit then but that was nothing compared to what we are setting ourselves up to take this time.

It has been said that if your business, home or farm was managed like government you would be bankrupt within a year.

Government has yet to figure out a way to manage our homes, our farms and our businesses. Believe me, they’ve tried.

They, however, can increase the cost of our imports to a point where many of us will go down.

And like true Canadians we will go down without a whimper, like a bunch of lambs-to-the-slaughter.

There’s still time. Let’s fight this thing

Robin Hawes