Don’t get the excitement over royalty

The Interior News editor ponders what the continued appeal is of the royal family in Canada.

The royal couple spent their Canada Day, and the week following, in Canada giving Canadians the royal treatment, inspecting the troops, touring the grounds in Ottawa, and going up to the territories, among a whole host of other events I’m sure.

I guess.

I’m not really, sure, I wasn’t paying attention.

I’d be interested to know how much someone in my generation, in the 25 – 35 age group, really cares about the monarchy as it relates to Canada.

Sure, I’d love to one day go to England, see the palace, do all those touristy things (I just know I’ll be the one to break a smile on one of those guards) but the fanfare a visit from the royal family gets in Canada is farcical.

I understand there are ties, Commonwealth and all that, but I’ve never understood the excitement Canadians still hold for them.

It was the same way a few months ago when the Kate and William were married. I guess. I’m not really sure, I wasn’t paying attention.

There was so much international excitement over the event it was crazy. Similar to how I watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials, I really only tuned in to see the crazy hats. And by tuned in I mean saw some photos after the fact.

To me, royalty is a relic of Canada’s history. I don’t mind seeing the Queen on coins or stamps, it’s part of the heritage.

What I don’t get is what we’re supposed to be getting out of the royal family, especially when they’re touring the country.

Looking at the media, it’s clear that all eyes are on them as they take in our great country. Yet with so much attention, I’m not sure what it is we’re looking for.

Cameron Orr is the editor of The Interior News.