Don’t forget to laugh

Three Rivers Report correspondent and columnist discusses an under-appreciated way to stay healthy.

There are a lot of things that are healthy for us in life and while everyone’s taste is different I like to think there are a few common links. For one, there is the greatest drink in the world in my mind and that is water. We can’t live without it and no matter how many great concoctions we humans come up with, we have not come close to a creation as simple and healthy.

Then there is a pile of great foods that are so wonderful for us and taste heavenly and of course we could not live for long without food either. Exercise is another huge key to keeping healthy. It keeps you young, keep you body in better shape and for some of us it can be a really fun thing especially when it comes to something like biking with the family, going for hikes, swimming and on and on.

I am sure all of you are aware of all the healthy things out there and I definitely don’t have to write it all out but one thing I think some of us sometimes forgot that is not only extremely healthy but it also just fun in every way, and that is the gift of laughter.

Laughing is not only good for the body, mind and soul, it is a wonderful thing to share with people. While I find the barrage of e-mails from others sometimes tedious every couple of days I get one that is actually hilarious. Good jokes are one of the easy ways to get a giggle out of the day.

Then there are funny stories about life experiences we have or our family and friends have that are not only great to hear and laugh about but can also be fun to tell for those that have the gift to gab so to speak.

Of course sometimes watching other people can prove to be entertaining especially on shows like Just for Laughs and there are many movies out there designed to give the abs the almighty laugh workout.

My point, I know that many of us try and live a healthy lifestyle with good food and exercise but sometimes we forget to take time out to laugh. Imagine what a better world it would be if everyone laughed at least once a day. And not just a giggle, I mean a whole hearted belly-aching laugh. Stress would melt away for at least a few minutes a day for so many and after all laughter, like smiles, are contagious.

Either way, I just hope people take a little funny time out each day and if you haven’t had your daily dose of laughter, one of my favourites is one about a man who buys a taser gun for his wife. Google funny taser story prepare to sit back and have a laugh.

Shannon Hurst is the correspondent and columnist for The Three Rivers Report.