Don’t file the divorce papers just yet

Don’t file the divorce papers just yet

In the marriage that is confederation we can still work things out

OK Canada, let’s all just settle down a bit, shall we?

Confederation is like a marriage.

And just like an old, married couple, it can be tempting to start pointing fingers and saying things we can’t take back.

Then, someone starts talking about separation and nobody wins, except the lawyers.

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Wexiteers, it’s not the Rest of Canada’s (ROC) fault the price of oil tanked and has not recovered.

It’s not the ROC’s fault that Premier Don Getty and subsequent Alberta governments squandered the province’s rainy day fund set up in the 1970s for tough times like these.

And it’s not the ROC’s fault successive federal governments, of both varieties, were unable to build you your pipeline or that private industry walked away from it.

Heck, when that happened, we even bought it for you.

ROC, you’re not off the hook either.

For decades, Alberta has been a good provider.

Sometimes we might not like the business they’re in, but it’s a business, like it or not, that we’re all in.

Alberta oil has put braces on our kids’ teeth with enough left over to have a nice anniversary dinner.

It has provided well-paying jobs, not just for Albertans, but for Canadians from coast to coast.

Why? Because that’s what marriage is all about.

For better or for worse, in good times and in bad.


Taxpayers deserve answers on CAO firing

Be thankful

All they’re asking for is a little help getting their natural resources to tidewater.

It’s not about petty regional squabbles.

It’s about Canada.

Remember all the good times we’ve had together?

There’s plenty of frustration and blame to go around. It’s time to let that go, stop vilifying each other and try to work it out like adults.

Whatever our differences, we are better together than we are apart.

It’s time we started acting like it.

We’re better than this, Canada.

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