Smithers Interior News Editorial

Doggy don’t

An estimated 40 per cent of people don’t pick up after their dogs

Ah, summer. Get out. Enjoy the sunshine. Take the dog for a walk.

And leave their poop everywhere.

Seriously, people, this is a no-brainer. One of your main responsibilities as a dog owner to your neighbours, the businesses in the town, the visitors to the town and to the town itself is picking up after your pooches.

If you’re not capable or unwilling to do it, you probably shouldn’t have dogs.

People complain about the smell in the spring, when it starts thawing out of the snow. But the summer is probably worse because now we’re all out trying to enjoy the parks and the beaches and the sidewalks and even our own front yards, only to come across some inconsiderate dog owner’s laziness.

We’re not even going to go into all the environmental and health hazards, but there are plenty.

Let’s face it, it’s just all-around nasty.

There really is no excuse.

It’s common courtesy.

Then there’s the people who bag it, then leave the bag right on or beside the trails. Just wow. Do they expect somebody else to come along and put it in the next trash bin?

It is estimated 40 per cent of dog owners don’t scoop the poop. The main reason given is they think it’s natural and will biodegrade and go away, no harm done.

They’re wrong.

It’s also illegal.

We would love it if we could just count on people doing the right thing, but it might be time for the new bylaw officer to start an aggressive enforcement campaign.

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