Letter writer appreciates Brenda Mallory's words. (Contributed photo)

Appreciation for Brenda Mallory

Letter writer thanks retiring community columnist for her honesty and joie de vivre

Dear Brenda,

You won’t know me, but we have in the past actually shared coffee and gossip together with mutual friends in Louise’s Kitchen, so I kinda “know you” and therefore giving myself permission to disturb you with my comments and thoughts on your recent article in The Interior News.

Oh dear, Brenda, I just wrote you paragraphs and the iPad deleted me! I suspect I was talking too much, so I will send you the Reader’s Digest version. Aghhhhh.

What a bloomin’ shame I wanted to thank you for your article, for your honesty in there, allowing us to see your underbelly so to speak. That takes courage, and yet if we are brave enough to take this risk it helps so many. You have such a gift with words, Brenda, and your articles are looked for by so many of us.

When we leave this mortal coil we can hope for maybe two things, leave a footprint and a few friends crying tears at losing us. I have to tell you, your footprint is already a huge one, and your friends are numerous, believe me, mission accomplished.

My friend Louise tells me she saw you in Bulkley Wholesale and you were saying you might have to leave your home, which I know from our coffee conversations in the past, you feel content in, and it’s a special place.

‘Tis hard, when we close chapters and start new ones. It’s always with trepidation as well as hope.

Knowing you from your articles, from your friends and over coffee chat, I suspect you will make a good fist of whatever is ahead. I hope you can defer the move for a while, maybe have another summer with your cat and dogs in the heaven you have created, but if not, know there are many of us out here who are delighted by your thoughts, your honesty and your ability to put into words feelings we all share but are not able to so eloquently express.

Thank you Brenda, for your encouragement, your enthusiasm for life. Onward and upward, tomorrow is another day and work still to be done. You go girl.

Very best wishes… Gill and my old dog Sam.

Gill Davies