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Conservative leader should not ignore climate change


To the editor:

BC Conservative party leader John Rustad and others say that because Canadian carbon emissions are very small in comparison to the rest of the world’s, we should make no effort to reduce them. He says it’s too hard.

Increased fires, drought, and flood are costing the province billions, and the cost has no where to go but up. Granted, we’re in an El Nino year so weather events are temporarily exaggerated. But they’ve never been this exaggerated.

What we’re seeing now is just an example of what we’ll soon see every year, not just El Nino years.

Rustad wants us to shirk our responsibility and just keep on polluting. If we tell the rest of the world that we don’t want to do our part, then where will we stand in the world?

We can’t look big polluters like China and the USA in the eye and tell them to do more if we’re doing nothing.

We can’t expect them to reduce more than their share because we refuse to pull our own weight.

Are we the kind of people who set a good example, or are we the kind of people who set a bad example? Rustad would have us be the latter.

Jeff Schering,

Thornhill, B.C.