Concerns not address


On March 23 there was a meeting held in the United Church basement in Hazelton.

This meeting was held to address some of the concerns I had addressed to the managers of Home and Community Care. I was disappointed that I was the only member of the community that attendend this meeting and I am hopeful that as these meetings are on going that others of the community will come out and voice their concerns.

I learned that this service is not only for the elderly but for anyone over 19 who needs help at home.

The first step is to contact the care case manager in your area.

The one question I asked was, who looks after the rights of the elderly that have no family member to fight for their rights. I was told that we who are friends or neighbors of these people need to help these people, so I hope anyone who knows someone in this situation will be able to help.

The meeting was on the Terrace evening news and this was good to get the message out to people but I for one feel that much was left out, seemed to me that the management of Home Support has their own idea of what is needed and still not addressing the concerns of the caregiver and the people on the front line who care for these people on a daily basis.

Linda Jo Hagen