The Gardener’s Corner

The Gardener’s Corner

Composting: Planning toward the future

Over the years, Erik has created his own layer of topsoil

Composting. Why write about this just before Christmas?

With this year having been a time of unusual happenings, why not add just one more?

Actually, composting to me is like building a foundation to a house. Unless you have a good foundation to plant in, the result can be very disappointing. You only get out what you first put down.

The other day, I went out to inspect my Christmas lights. I noticed the snow was melting on top of one of my compost piles, along with the green lawn made a surprising comeback.

I have actually over the years learned yardwork, or making something in the shop, can be more than work, but therapeutic.

Composting garden materials is for me a high priority because of its base for what I’m able to grow in the vegetable garden and flower boxes.

When I first moved into my place, the only thing growing was grass. When I made an attempt to plant anything, digging in the ground, just after two inches, I discovered sand, stones and rocks. It was a big challenge compared to what I was use to from our farm outside Victoria.

Since then, nineteen years, I have collected several hundred trailer loads of grass clippings and leaves. The result, more than one foot of topsoil all around. Composting is both time- and labour-consuming, as it takes a lot of patience.

So, with that said, we need to always have a composting pile on the go, planning toward the future. What grows in the garden, stays in the garden.

A story from a reader:

A little story as I remember it. When we lived in Victoria, there was a small bathroom by the office. In it, was a window recess and on the shelf was a small pot of African Violets.

No one was responsible for caring for it. Most times, if I ever checked, the soil was dry. So, I would give it a little water. A few other people did the same, maybe?

We talked about it now and again, the conclusion always was, nobody had ever seen it when it wasn’t in bloom. I believe this was over years of our living there.

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