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Civil discourse, not cowardly vandalism is the correct response

Letter writer expresses empathy for MLA Nathan Cullen after billboard is defaced again

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express some empathy for MLA Nathan Cullen, whose billboard has been defaced once again.

I know the feeling. Over the years and during various election campaigns, I have had dozens—if not hundreds—of my signs defaced, torn down, smashed and stolen. It’s not a nice feeling. It is one more aspect of the ‘cancel culture’ that is wreaking such havoc on our civil institutions.

Instead of putting up their own sign (which takes time, effort and money), some folks just vent their frustration by smashing a message they don’t like.

When people have a complaint against a politician, there are numerous ways to express that. A letter, a phone call, a visit, a letter to the editor or peaceful public protest.

Destroying someone else’s property in the middle of the night is not only cowardly but it destroys the very essence of democracy. Each of us has the right and the responsibility to address the issues we care about.

I believe in free speech. If we deny someone else that right, we will soon lose it ourselves.

Residents of the area know that Mr. Cullen and I disagree on many important issues. I share the frustration felt by many over current government policies, both federal and provincial.

The legitimate course of action, however, is to educate and inform the public and to actively campaign for change, not to vandalize private property. Our civilization is at stake.

Rod Taylor

Telkwa, BC