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Citizens on patrol still operating, but greatly diminished

Letter writer responds to vandalism column, says COP needs a replenishment of volunteers

Hello. I just wanted to respond that article on vandalism “Can’t we at least agree vandalism has no place here,” The Interior News, Sept. 23, 2021).

Yes Citizens on Patrol does still exist. There are only four of us still doing some patrolling maybe four evenings through the month.

COP started out as Vandal Watch about in about 1992 or 1993 and also did work on a property reference guide for the police.

The initial founders were Gord Beerda and Al Morgantaler.

COP has many groups throughout the country which come and go like any other groups that depend on volunteers. Our group here had up to 40 at one time, but slowly lost people over time.

A patrol is not all that exciting, but with the vehicle provided by Frontier Chrysler and other sponsors we can be a visible presence while patrolling around town. We will also patrol out to Telkwa.

We did have a few more volunteers until recently but COVID and personality conflicts have reduced us to the four.

We are like most other organizations in regard to volunteers. The base has become more aged and has health issues or has moved.

Although we had put up posters there have only been two inquires.

If Deb would like to discuss this further, she can contact Matt Davey at the Community Police Office, 250 847-6197.

Bruce Bobick

Community Policing volunteer