The Sticky Files - Marisca Bakker

The Sticky Files - Marisca Bakker

Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be a chore

Marisca advocates for shopping locally, and thinking about buying second hand products

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas shopping?

With Black Friday coming up and December only around the corner, I am not thinking so.

Also, with shipping delays, it might even be too late.

Of course, to avoid mail disappointment, shopping locally is the best way to ensure you get a gift in hand in time.

There are lots of fun events, craft fairs and extra shopping experiences in the Bulkley Valley to help with that.

Wintergold is one of the first events of the holiday season to get people into the spirit.

The annual Christmas Fair of unique, handcrafted arts and crafts is held in the Central Park Building this weekend.

The annual Smithers Secondary School craft fair is on Nov 25 and 26. There will be local artisan and handmade products for sale. Entry fee is $2 with the proceeds going to learner support and outdoor education.

Christmas in the Valley is back in full force this year. It is one of my favourite events. On Friday, Dec. 2, the shops downtown will be open later, there will be sleigh rides, carollers, Santa may be roaming around Main St., there will be non-profit vendors selling treats outside and emergency services will be selling hot chocolate.

It is such a great experience. Main St. always looks so pretty and everyone is in a good mood and the community spirit is flowing.

There are a lot of other craft fairs and events happening throughout the region, like the St. Joseph’s Bazzar on Nov 19; Telkwa Festive Craft Market and Family Event on Nov 26; Kids Christmas Market on Dec 10 at the Old Church and the One of a Kind: Artisan Christmas Gift Shop at the Art Gallery runs in December.

I’d also like to advocate for giving second hand gifts this Christmas.

People spend on average $1,000 on Christmas presents every year.

That is a lot of money. And it seems silly to go into debt to buy family and friends material objects.

Giving preloved gifts doesn’t have to be tacky. Smithers has a couple of second hand stores and our local buy and sells are overflowing with treasures. Not only is it economical but also environmentally friendly.

I’d appreciate a second hand gift because I know a lot of time and thought went into it.

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