Choice is clear in election


In six days there’s going to be an election. This will be the fourth election in seven years.

Many Christians in this region of the world believe Stephen Harper and his party stand for Christian morals. Some believe if the Conservatives get a majority government they will act on these beliefs.

Well Mr. Harper has been quoted in saying if he’s given a majority, he will certainly not stand against abortion.

One of his own members brought out a bill called Roxanne’s Law, a bill to protect pregnant women who choose to keep their babies and make it illegal for anyone to bully, intimidate, or try to force an abortion against their will.

Harper and most conservatives voted against this bill, putting a stop to it and it was thrown out.

Standing up for Canada, or more worried about covering your backside?

Well I believe the choice this time around is crystal clear. I’m not worried about splitting the vote or choosing the party who has the best chance of winning. I want the best representative to represent the one I serve — Jesus Christ.

Fortunately we had such a man. His name is Rod Taylor and his is the Christian Heritage Party.

The Israelite didn’t think they stood much of a chance of winning against Goliath and the Philistines. Look what a little faith did for the shepherd boy.

Rick Huisman