Bureaucracy gets it wrong with local restaurants

Sonja questions province-wide blanket government policies

Across the Valley - Sonja Lester

Across the Valley - Sonja Lester

To have so many people put the needs of each other first is what has helped our zone have only six new cases of COVID-19 in a week between Houston and Witset. When Hailey Callison got COVID-19, a big fear factor for her was that she could have given it to someone else when unsuspecting that she was positive. But just the fact that she cared so much makes that seem unlikely.

I am fully supportive of wearing a mask, hand sanitizing and keeping a safe distance from each other. What I am speaking up for is our restaurants. 

Blanket policies have got to stop in all areas of our government. It’s like it’s a habit. It is causing far too much stress on individual restaurant owners. Unlike box stores where even the sincerest attempt can be hard to manage and they stay open.

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Blue Water Sushi owner, Carly McIntyre, has put in all of the protocols and she plans on keeping them in her business-as-usual plan even after COVID. The plexiglass between tables and dividers have been erected down the centre to look appealing. The tables are six feet apart. There are sanitizing stations around the restaurant and a special take-out table for safe distancing.

We have gotten too used to bureaucracy to speak up. Who is making the decisions? Many of our restaurants and other small businesses have set up strict protocols to keep everyone safe in this pandemic.

I was working for voters’ registration many years ago. Wisely someone saw on the manila registration card that the wording Christian name should be changed to given name.

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There were boxes in storage and a stash in our reception area. We were told to destroy them, province-wide. My sensibility would have preferred to get a memo saying if someone objects to the wording Christian name please cross it out and put in given name and tell them it will be corrected when new ones are ordered.

For restaurants we let them know that they have to follow all the protocols in a pandemic to stay open. Public Health told them what to do and they did it. To stay open. When the need arises send a memo to all businesses to keep them updated. On our local level we should be able to enforce: put the safety of all first or shut down.

A little reminder old-time phrase I saw on FB. “I’ll avoid that like the plague.”

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