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Bulkley Valley Learning Centre had the right atmosphere for learning

Ever so quietly the doors of the Bulkley Valley Learning Centre are closing.


Ever so quietly the doors of the Bulkley Valley Learning Centre are closing.

Inside those doors one walks into a relaxed atmosphere where close relationships between students and teachers is evident.

This has been created by respect, teachers and students collaborating on achievable goals and family communication.

The school has unique flavours. In its birth students and staff were involved in its construction.

Many hours of thought and planning were put into its beginning.

It’s the time that was put into its creation that helped ensure its sustainability.

There are many functions at the school that contribute to this flavour.

One of those functions is the kitchen.

Every morning students and staff prepare breakfast.

During breakfast students and staff take a break and acknowledge the day.

Once a week students and staff prepare lunch that welcomes visitors.

The lunch is well attended.

It isn’t only the food that motivates people to attend, it’s the relationships that develop.

Many people have had their first experience visiting the school on this day.

It is also a day that past students and family often drop by to visit.

Relationships are a core part of the makeup of the Bulkley Valley Learning Centre.

The flavour of the school begins relationships needed for students and staff to collaborate on learning and life goals.

Community has been created inside that continues outside its walls.

The school is unique and has been a valuable part of this community.

Communities are experiencing cutbacks and changes in education and social programs.

These two things can make accessing services difficult.

It is hoped that the closing of the Bulkley Valley Learning Centre doesn’t fit this criteria.

It’s a shame that its doors have been closed so quietly.

Edi Young