Brewing tea to get out of a funk

Brewing tea to get out of a funk

Brenda says tea is usually associated with a cure for a stressful situation

I had a slump the other day. It kind of creeps up on me. Doing fine, walk the dogs and the cat, bring in the wood, have a sit down and there I am nodding off. I can’t do that. I have things to do. I say to myself “snap out of it.” Thinking through my fog I thought I should have a good cup of black tea. It does have caffeine but not as much as coffee.

I didn’t really know all the benefits of black tea. I have been drinking herbal teas thinking I must be really healthy. No darn good if I get into another sleep slump. So I find that black tea is loaded with antioxidants, it may boost heart health, lower cholesterol, It may reduce blood pressure or reduce the risk of a stroke. It may also lower blood sugar.

So I ask you if you need a bit of a mid afternoon boost why not brew a good cup of black tea? I brought out my tea pot and an old bone china cup with a matching saucer. Perfect. The tea steeped for a couple minutes. Cream first and a bit of sugar topped with a good brew. I had a couple cups and I can tell you my slump was over. Maybe not top of my game but at least I was a lot more perky.

Some of you I am sure remember the cup of tea that was made with tea leaves that settled into the hot water in a silver tea ball. The sugar was plopped in as a sugar cube. My grandmother served tea from a silver tea pot with the cups and saucers. The tea and cookies was passed about on a fancy tea trolley. Nothing like that in this generation but as I sip the tea I relax and carry of with my day.

Tea is usually associated with a cure for a stressful situation. That must be true since the Murders on a British mystery are most often tempered with a cup of tea.

You could make a black tea latte. Tea is steamed with milk, sweetened. It has a frothy topping. There you have it ,a smooth and creamy black tea latte.

I say all this as I drink a tea in a fancy cup just hoping you will try it so you too can be perked up and slump free.

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