Brenda ponders on cold weather pet care

Brenda ponders on cold weather pet care

Another log on the fire , dogs have been fed and a squirrel is taking the apples I had put out for the deer and rabbits. I am told that another night of –36 degrees comes as I ponder the care of my old dogs. I know for sure many of you will bring your dogs in the house. Some of you might have a situation like I have. Dogs who have never been in the house for night time sleeping.

Here is where it gets a little tricky. My old female in her late teens has never been inside until recently where I could entice her to come in but very soon she wants out. The dog with the cancer would stay inside . My question for you is what should I do about the poop issues with these old dogs?

I decided last night to leave them outside. Both have a heated bed and blankets to cover them. I got up and checked on them every couple hours just to make sure they were OK. I am glad I did that since one of the dogs left a major deposit in the dog compound. That surprise could have been in the house.

What can you do for your dogs or cats ? Cats I assume you keep inside. If your dog must be out make sure they have protection as in a doghouse and a bed for the floor area. A winter coat would not go amiss. You can get a good dog coat at Smithers Feed Store. They also have a good selection of heated beds.

Feeding a dog during the winter does have some challenges. Mine get some dry food as well as lightly cooked hamburger or chicken. I make sure there is enough warm juice. Getting enough water is an issue when it is so cold. Just now I brought the dogs in and both obliged me by having a good drink.

Smaller dogs might do well with a set of booties. A coat would be good as well. Last winter when my little dog Tuffy still lived here he had this cold weather figured out. He would leave his bed and get under the blankets and sleep with the old female.

This cold spell might be gone in a week or so but you just never know when the next cold front will come our way. Good luck with your pets. Make sure they are warm and well fed . Same goes for you .

I did want to discuss that terrible plane crash that took 57 Canadian lives and others who had come to Canada to live. My heart breaks when I hear more about the talented people who came to live in this country and were welcome Canadian citizens.. Such talented and worthy people now gone . I am sure we will not forget their contributions to their new home. I have a feeling I will have to mention this Canadian tragedy in more depth.

Time for another log in the fire. More moose are reported. Audrey told me a few days back that she had seen a robin!

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