Bra mishap focuses attention on underwear

Bra mishap focuses attention on underwear

Just another day in this cabin in the woods.

I happened to notice a bit of cat hair on a chair. Better get rid of that I said to myself. I turned on the vacuum and that was it.

The little sucker sucked up my bra. I wasn’t in it at the time but it did take a few minutes to retrieve the old thing. I did finally get rid of the cat hair.

Next it was time for me to enjoy my Sunday evening TV stories. I watched a bit of the PBS series Sandition.

This was the final novel by Jane Austin.

My mind was already on underwear so I focussed on the outfits worn by the actors.

The women were trussed up with the lady parts rising high and proud. My goodness that all looks a little confining.

I am sure I would be inclined to get the vapours.

I have never been into underwear.

I have worn it of course. When old Al died I was cleaning up his drawers (the kind where you put stuff).

He had left me over 20 pairs of Stanfields briefs. I got rid of most of them keeping a couple pairs in case someone came by that would need clean shorts.

I did wear a pair myself when I had to go to the hospital for an inspection. I wore them backwards.

My mother always said my underwear needs to breath. Of course I knew to wear clean underwear in case I had an accident.

Not sure about that one.

I know underwear has changed in styles but some things I will never figure out. I have seen those stringy bits of cloth that are called thongs.

Thongs to me are those rubber flip flop summer shoes. I am assuming there is no connection.

We have the boxer shorts for men and the rough gray Stanfields long johns.

I have worn the long johns much to my dismay.

Now that I am older I see on the telly that any leakage issues I have will be remedied by those dainty smalls (another name for lady pants). Somehow I don’t think it is my style.

I should have saved a few more pairs of Al’s briefs. After all I am still wearing his old socks.

Just to think if I had not sucked up my bra my talk to you this week would have been a more sensible topic.

I would imagine you would not like to share your underwear stories but if you do you can call 250-846-5095.

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