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Big Green Food Truck revs up to fill Quick Eats void

The business is a summer family project to make money to send the kids to university

Seems I got lucky this week to find the scoop of the summer. Unfortunately, Quick Eats has retired, but The Big Green Food Truck is stepping into the vacant site at Hwy 16 and Hankin Ave providing Telkwa with an alternative to cooking dinner at home.

Nick and family had their inaugural run at the Midsummer Music Festival and sold out each day.

I met the new entrepreneurs while devouring one of their poutine specials at the festival last weekend. It was delish and thought we have a column story in the making.

Nick Telles is one of those interesting types of guys who seems ready to try a new gig when the opportunity is right. Brought up in New Mexico with third-generation teaching skills directly ahead of him after graduation, Nick headed north to Alaska to chase his backcountry snowboarding dreams.

After enjoying the ride for six years it was time to think of the future and prepare for a career. Yes, that’s right, the third-gen teacher got his papers at the University of Alaska, met a partner, Haidi, started their own family and got a job teaching in Anchorage.

After four years Nick and Haidi decided to move closer to their parents and headed south to teach in New Mexico. On the drive, naturally, they passed the mountain town of Smithers along Hwy 16 and the beauty left a memory that would resurface several times.

“We liked the idea of small-town living and a four season lifestyle,” said Nick. “Smithers lingered in our memories and finally we decided to give it a go. By now the kids were growing up fast. We had all been involved in a group called “1st Lego League” in the city of Albuquerque. This was a competitive school club for eight- to 13-year-olds that developed teamwork and encouraged problem-solving in tech science.

“Fortunately we were able to bring these skills to Smithers and take the club to the provincials in Victoria and bring home a victory.

“As we have homeschooled our children and truly enjoy our time with them there was a period during COVID years that I wanted a bit more adult interaction. That opportunity arose when I had a chance to bartend at the Roadhouse. That fit quite nicely into the program as I was able to gain a new skill and meet new friends.

So how did this food truck situation develop, I asked?

“Well, my children are getting older and two are heading to university next year so we devised a plan of working together and saving money for school.

“Denise Dilney had the truck and I have always been curious about her operation. Denise also has a landscaping business and thought she may want to lease the truck for the summer. So there you have it, school’s out and we need a family job.

“I have been working on the licence for operation in Telkwa and it seems to be coming together. The kids see it as a good challenge, an opportunity to make some money and a fun chance to meet some new people.

“We are hoping to advertise through social media and have brainstormed a plan for the preparation of food and purchasing of supplies. We want to have a Mexican theme with tacos and the like. We were pretty successful with smoothies at Midsummer Festival and want to keep our fare simple and nutritious.”

This sounds like such a great opportunity Nick, all the best with the plan.

About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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