Beware of pipeline

Whereas it is highly commendable for better leak detection to be developed and considered, a few points need to be raised.


Re: Improved Leak Detection for Pipe Lines (Mr. Germuth’s presentation to Kitimat Council).

Whereas it is highly commendable for better leak detection to be developed and considered, a few points need to be raised.

1. Any technology is subject to equipment and human failure.

2. Even with new technology we would be accepting the project on mere                           speculation, promises and faith.

3. Few leaks are small, but generally large to very large.  This would be particularly true in our region because of earth quakes, land and snow slides, flooding, washouts. Do not believe this region is geologically stable.

Many geologists and geological institutions state this is not so, and we have many examples: people being buried, temporary dams being created on rivers and streams and many river valley slopes consisting of fractured not solid rock.

4. We are dealing with DilBit not regular crude. The pressure is much, much higher for DilBit than sweet crude.

The figure I saw was 600 PSI for crude and 2150 PSI for DilBit. That pressure would go up more with increased throughput.

Also, you can’t go immediately near a spill for clean-up as promised, it would kill you.

5.Vast sections of the proposed pipeline aren’t easily accessible,  particularly under winter conditions for five months of the year.

Drive up along the Upper Kitimat  River and see for yourself where the logging road get blocked by avalanches.

You can’t get to the worst spots. You would have to hike.

6. The new pipeline technology wouldn’t help one bit in the marine environment.

7. I hope you’ve listened to the Alberta farmer who first reported on the latest big spill,  being interviewed on CBC Radio Tuesday, June 12.

For him it was the second spill in four years contaminating his land and pastures.

He has 165 cattle but can’t sell the meat with a clear conscience. The meat is contaminated and it shows in the liver and kidneys.

He’s giving up farming and had one clear message for us:  fight the Northern Gateway Project with everything you have!

Dieter H. Wagner