Being thankful on Thanksgiving

Brenda Mallory's Spice of Life

I write to you today when the sun shines and the snow is now where it belongs — on the mountains. Other than the odd weather we have had this year I feel that with Thanksgiving on our horizon that this is a great morning for me to do just that, say thank you!

Those who know me and now those who do not  are well aware that I am not a follower of any religion. Of course that does not mean I can’t join in with all of you to offer thanks.

I think about these past few months when cancer reared its ugly head  how many times I have had to say thank you. I have said to many how much we both appreciate the kind acts that have come our way. However, I do wonder if I have said it enough. How about you? Have you been thankful in the many ways that count?

For me the big thank you feelings have gone to so many friends and family that have been there when it was needed. A funny story on e-mail, a phone call or a written note.  Meeting friends for coffee in town or a visit to this cabin in the woods. Good medicine.

Mind you I do have to extend a big thank you to the staff at our cancer clinic. So very attentive and kind. Rest assured if cancer comes to your family you can be thankful you live in this area. So many programs and other levels of assistance have been offered.

On the family side of things we are very lucky there. Even though some siblings live in Ontario we never feel too far away in our hearts.

This very week my own brother and sister-in-law will come to check up on us from Kamloops and offer support. Next week a young brother of Al’s will come from Ontario to visit these old hippies. We can only hope this city boy can understand the ways of his odd family. We’ll see.

Neighbours are not close here but just the same they have offered support and help. Some good people have offered to come and buck up some trees fallen last year. Big thank you goes out there.

Another thank you has to go to whomever invented the log splitter.

Another somewhat impersonal thank you has to go to the people at the Google site who have provided all manner of information to help with this process.

It matters not if you have medical problems this site will keep you up to date and well informed about what it is you need to know. No computer? Don’t forget we do have a great library system that can help you there. You will thank me when you learn the basics of the computer world.

So you see, religious or not, there will always be moments when we can say thank you to someone. Don’t save up for the legal Thanksgiving Day. Make a habit to appreciate others every day.

As I sign off I am looking forward to hearing from my three old college friends who will be in contact on e-mail. There is a sense of excitement and thanks as we try to make this somewhat primitive place acceptable to our visitors. We can only hope they will be thankful to see us in such a good place with good people who take the time to care as we travel this road of uncertainty.

Did I miss saying thanks to someone? I just might e-mail a note to them or wait for them to contact me at Someone will call 250-846-5095. So, that’s it for this week. Just a big thank you for another good day in the north.

Brenda Mallory writes For the Birds and Spice of Life.