Become a certified food preservation trainer for free

Become a certified food preservation trainer for free

Lorraine updates her virtual cross-Canada tour and has some suggestions of stuff to do in the valley

As of Thursday, July 2, I have reached Maple Creek Saskatchewan. My goal was to walk across Canada following roads that are close to the U.S. border so I am heading that way towards Robsart, Saskatchewan. I have 15,660 steps that go toward the 75,420 steps needed. Robsart is an unincorporated hamlet within the rural municipality of Reno No. 51. Located 48 km southwest of the town of Eastend at the junction of Highway 18 and Highway 13, 68 km south of the Town of Maple Creek. In the 2016 census Robsart had 22 inhabitants and is now referred to as a ghost town.

On Wednesday, July 8, 7:00 p.m., the Library is hosting a physically distanced gathering called Book Lovers in the Backyard. They will be discussing uplifting or humorous reads… bring your recommendations! This community book club is casual, friendly, and always open to drop-ins. For the address, email

Speaking about the library and books, did you ever wonder why sometimes entering a used book store, it smells really nice? Apparently, it happens this way: lignin, the stuff that prevents all trees from adopting the weeping habit, is a polymer made of units that are closely related to vanillin. Made into paper and stored for years, it breaks down and causes that lovely scent.

I love second-hand book stores and wondered about that, always felt a hunger to stay there among all those books.

Information from Luca Turin and Tonia Sanchez, Perfumes: The Guide.

A slightly different view on menopause ladies: it appears there are two creatures that go through menopause – women and female killer whales. Just like women they go through menopause around 45 or 50 and then they live for another 30 years. After menopause, they become the leaders of their pods. Something good about menopause and the vindication of natural life, by author of Flash Count Diary, Darcey Steinke: The Vindication of Natural Life.

The Northwest BC Food Action Network is recruiting individuals who have a passion for food security, have some experience with preserving food (fermenting, drying, hot water bath canning, pressure canning, root cellars, freezers, vacuum sealing). Would you like to become a certified trainer under the PreserveSafe BC program, or already have certification but would like a refresher? This group has bursaries available to cover costs of training and their plan is once they have four trainers, they will offer community workshops this fall in a safe way.

Want more details? Contact Laurie Gallant by July 21. The training is online, takes about four hours including a multiple-choice exam. This opportunity is made possible in partnership with the Bulkley Valley Credit Union and the Music and Agritourism Society of the Hazeltons. You must live in the Bulkley Valley to be eligible for this opportunity. Contact: Laurie 250-847-1399 or email:

Closing with: in this time of “isolation” – “Sing, if you can sing and if not still be musical inside yourself.” Mary Oliver.