Beating rising food costs

It was one of those weeks when the wet weather was getting me down. Hurts my old arthritic body as well. So, I thought what better topic could I have than to moan and groan about the weather?

Then things started to go kind of crazy in our world. I knew then that my pity party did not hold water.

My heart went out to the good people of Slave Lake. What a sad scene to see a whole town devastated. Slave Lake is just a bit bigger than Smithers so it all hit home for me.

Then we have tornados in the southern states. Still today as I write to you more storms swirl about the region. Then of course it is hard not to know about the volcano having a spew-up in Iceland.

I just didn’t feel right about not standing tall on my bandwagon. Then I went shopping! I know from talking to many of you that you were shocked as I was to see the increase in prices. A dollar here and few cents here and there. In some cases the price increase was higher. Why I ask you? I was told that it is because of the high gas prices. Ok, I understand some of that. If that is the case those of us on a fixed income had better take a second look at how we spend our money.

Make a few changes and buy sale items if you can. Why not skip out on the snack aisle or the soda place? Do you really need that junk?

Don’t eat those potato chips. If you feel snackish why not make a bucket of popcorn? Cheap at half the price.

I know from the look of things when I see a good sale item or a bulk sale week I will try to stock up on a few things and hold on until the next sale. I did that this past week with dog food, bird seed and toilet paper. I know many of you need the pillow soft toilet paper but for my money this old gal can do just fine with a no name product.

If the bulk items are too much for your family why not buy and share with another family. That way everyone will benefit.

If buying something without a name offends you take a minute to read a few labels. More often than not I have noticed that a no name or store brand is a better choice nutritionally. Often less sugar and salt.

Gas prices will continue to rise I am sure. We have to make some effort to economize. Use our heads and check the store flyer for the best deal. Buy large quantities, drive a little less, cook at home a little more and you never know, we could do quite well.

Before I leave you this week I would like to remind those who get some kind of childish thrill roaring boats close to the nests of loons that it is against the law to harass loons.

For the bird people, Eddy, the 18-year-old crow, has now laid 11 eggs! A rose-breasted grosbeak has been seen in Smithers and we had one here as well. A first for sure.

Hats off to the good folks who helped out at Turtle Gardens during their evacuation period. Animals and people were uprooted but fine.

So much to say after I got started. Thanks for the calls to 250-846-5095 and the e-mail notes to

Brenda Mallory writes the weekly Spice of Life column.