Ask Health minister to suspend glyphosate re-registration

Ask Health minister to suspend glyphosate re-registration

Josette Wier encourages people to contact Minister Philpott to suspend pesticide re-registration.

For those who think that Roundup is safe because it is approved by Health Canada, they may be interested in the Monsanto Papers, being unsealed by court order in the U.S. from multiple lawsuits against Monsanto. They can be found at

More than a 1,000 people claim that the leukemia they or their loved ones suffer from — non Hodgkin lymphoma — is related to exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient of Roundup. The documents are a treasure trough showing Monsanto’s influence on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) evaluation of the cancer properties of glyphosate changing from “suggestive of potential carcinogenic effect” in 1985 to “non-carcinogenicity for humans” in 1991. One high ranking EPA official chair of its Cancer Assessment Review Committee (CARC) went as far a writing he was going to “kill” the glyphosate/lymphoma issue for the company. The same official played a role in the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) assessment that “glyphosate is unlikely to be genotoxic or carcinogenic.”

The Monsanto Papers cast doubt on the reliability and legitimacy of the evaluation of the genotoxicity and carcinogenicity of glyphosate by the EPA and EFSA on which the Health Canada Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) analysis relies. It is fair to say that the safety of glyphosate is not settled science.

I encourage your readers to ask the Hon. Jane Philpott, Health Canada at, to suspend the re-registration of glyphosate which relies so much on the EPA and EFSA assessments presently being questioned in the U.S. courts.

Josette Wier