Article gives false impressions

Article gives false impressions

Letter writer argues story about regulation changes not applicable to Bulkley Lodge


The article, “Hospital Employees Union backs B.C. labour law changes,” (Interior News, May 15, Page A9) suggests changes to protect health care workers from ‘flipping’ of service contracts would be ‘welcome news’ at Bulkley Lodge in Smithers. The article quotes, at length, representatives of the Hospital Employees’ Union, and suggests Bulkley Lodge is an example of where the changes will result in improvements.

In fact, the labour code changes described in the article are not applicable to Bulkley Lodge—which is owned, operated and staffed by Northern Health and does not have contracts with service providers. The risk described in the article (of being impacted by re-tendering of service contracts) is not applicable to Bulkley Lodge care providers and staff.

It should also be clarified that Bulkley Lodge staff are not members of the HEU; they are represented by the BC Government and Service Employees Union, and the BC Nurses’ Union.

Eryn Collins

Media Relations Manager

Northern Health