Anybody else experiencing Zoom fatigue?

Anybody else experiencing Zoom fatigue?

Lorraine navigates the new virtual world

I wonder how everyone is doing? How are the changes in one’s routine affecting you and your family?

At first, I missed the different meetings, getting to chat with people rather than on the phone or on the computer. These meetings used to bookend my week, keeping me on track. Now it feels kind of loose, sometimes I have to check and recheck the calendar to make sure what day it is. Others have said the same thing.

But after some time passing, I am getting used to this way of life. I have always never minded time at home, there is always something that needs to be tended to. Things are now not so much rushed. I have even begun making Christmas gifts. I shall be way ahead of that busy time. Just checked my steps toward Medicine Hat and now have about 25,000 steps to go.

Something I read: holding onto resentments is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Coming soon: workshops, unique art/artisanal work – exhibitions. The Smithers Art Gallery is launching a new way of accessing the Art Gallery. Watch their Facebook page, Instagram and website to access everything you love about the Gallery.

They are offering workshops, kids art activities, an online shop for artisanal products and works of art and regional artist profiles. This comes after a decision to not change what they are doing, just how they are doing it. Their mission is to create community through art.

Zoom meetings. An unintended effect: Zoom fatigue. Kind of like being chained to a screen. It is great to be able to sit down with the people that you used to sit with around a table. But after a while my eyes begin to smart and it just isn’t the same as a regular meeting. It definitely is good to see people, even on a small screen, but I am so looking forward to actually sitting down with the people I know and they are there, in the room, physically. I can reach out and touch them. There is a song “Reach Out and Touch Someone” by Diana Ross. The lyrics feel relevant right now.

Coming up May 13, 7 p.m. and June 10, 7 p.m.: Book Lovers Night, adapted from the regular Book Lovers’ Night Out gatherings. Those attending will select their own books on a theme/genre and then discuss the chosen reads during a Zoom meeting on those dates. The May 13 theme is books to boost your mental health, June 10 theme is books to make you laugh. Book suggestions are available, please RSVP for access: contact Melissa at to receive a link to the meeting.

Closing with: Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know to read a book. Author unknown. And a word: facilitate – to make easier; to help bring about.