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Another trip around the sun with no regrets

As her birthday rolls around, Deb reflects on the blessings in her life
Daresay - Deb Meissner

As I rapidly close in on another trip around the Sun, I am feeling grateful for the family and friends with whom I am close.

We all know we are born into a family, good or meh, and then you end up choosing your family over your lifetime. I have been extremely lucky to find my blend of both.

Birthdays are not a big deal to me, as the numbers whiz by, I still wonder at what age you “grow up.” I firmly believe, if you just embrace whatever age you are, you will enjoy your life.

Of course, I’ve slowed down over the years, I’ve learned how to work smarter, not harder, use leverage, and to most definitely pick my battles. Especially with my children, I know in life, they will learn on their own the lessons I could just tell them, but that never worked with me, so….

I am at the age where I’m not too worried about what people think of me. Although many of you still tell me on a regular basis. If it’s nice, I thank you. If it’s not, I think, ‘oh well, can’t please the world.’

As for the family and friends I am close to, they are the treasures in my life.

I could not have made it without them to this point.

My parents and my two aunties, Helen and Phoebe, have been my lifelong mentors.

I am quite sure there was a lot of shaking of the heads and wondering “what has this girl gotten herself intos,” but they have shown me nothing but unconditional love and support, even during those misadventures.

I am also sure their laughter at times was at my expense. Needless to say, I love them with all my heart and have tried to learn from their words and examples. I hope I do the same for my kids.

As for the friends I choose, they bring me much joy as well. We tend to pick each other up, laugh a whole lot when one of us screws up, and then we are there to help each other through the toughest of times.

I was able to spend a bit of time with my best friend Leah, her groom-to-be Steve (Portland as I call him, long story), and my husband Rob this past weekend, and we laugh every time we are together.

My sides hurt, which was a great thing. We have so much in common, and have a natural ease between the four of us. They are the two I look to in the moments where I need lifting up. I am so lucky, as I love them to bits.

I have a very blessed life, really, I’ve often said if it ends tomorrow, do not be sad, to my family and friends, as I have done everything I have wanted to.

I have more goals, but man have I had a lot of fun along the way.

I always figure you should have no regrets each birthday, and coming around the sun again this time, I have none!