View from the Porch column

View from the Porch column

An update from a former Smithers resident

Dear Smithers Interior News,

I continue to stay in touch with Smithers, happily looking forward to the delivery of the weekly paper.

I found the Thursday, March 17 paper to be especially heart warming.

The opinions page for one, I loved Thom Barker’s column “For Your Consideration.”I too had never had a dog, never wanted one but became a dog “parent” late in life. I never realized the love they give or the amount of love I had for this four footed fur person. The love and the worry. I would do it again, no hesitation.

And the “Where is the Urgency?” column, so to the point with the closing sentence “Come on B.C., we are better than this.” Deb Meissner’s column “Daresay” spoke to the “luck of the Irish”. We all need that.

I did get a few of the people on “Guess Who They Are” page. And it was wonderful to see the photo of “CICKin’it!” Love those CICK people!

The” Remembering Loved Ones” section has always touched my heart.

All in all a great paper in every way, all the time, every edition!

Next, just wanted to give a final update on the Lorne Grabher license plate situation.

For some time, when I had a column in this paper, I had been sending out information on his bid to keep his license plate that had his last name on it, “grabher.”I found all this interesting and watched for a final ruling.

It arrived and it was to deny Mr. Grabher’s request to keep his license plate. A license plate is not a “public space” and not subject to freedom of expression. So, Lorne Grabher’s Nova Scotia plate, which he had for nearly 30 years, was revoked.

The complaint that started all this some time ago stated that the sign/license plate promoted hatred toward women. Mr. Grabher has been ordered to pay $1,200 towards a portion of the government’s legal fees. This information came from The Canadian Press files.

So, always like to complete anything I start. Take care Smithers, continue to be the happy place for people to live in, a safe place full of awesome people.

Yours truly~ Lorraine Doiron