An old rescue dog says farewell

An old rescue dog says farewell

Brenda mourns the passing of her companion River

I was thinking this morning as I walked along the trails of this little bit of paradise how many times have I told you the story of another rescued animal who comes to the end of the trail of life. So it was yesterday as River, the chocolate lab with cancer, died peacefully at the Babine Vet Hospital.

I wonder if you are like many who have dogs or cats when we wonder what are they thinking? Seems like they know a lot more than maybe we suspect. On that premise, let me give River a chance to have the last word. At least the words I think he might say.

I died yesterday. I have to tell you it was my time. The tumour on my hip was not easy to manage. I couldn’t eat anything nor did I like to walk much. I know the people who cared for me pondered my fate most days until it became obvious that I needed to move on.

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Before Brenda closes this page on my life story, I have a bit more to say. Most of all I have to thank Jack and Sharon for giving me a good start in life and for making sure I was trained well.

I also thank those of you who gave my old head a pet or gave me a good scratch. Can’t forget Cas, who would always throw a stick for me or Cindy who would bring a goody for Shea and me.

I have met many dogs and people on my long walks with Ned over many years. Many walks around the valley and good car rides as well. Even when my former family moved away, Ned came to make sure I was OK. I had moved in with Brenda and an assortment of other dogs. What fun!

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The cancer invaded my body and it became harder for me to walk. I wanted to say, “We’ve had many happy years, that what’s to come can hold no fears. You’d not want me to suffer so, when the time comes, please let me go. “

That is what was decided. I was taken to the vets where my needs were tended. Ned and Brenda stayed with me until the end. They spoke to me until I could no longer hear.

To my special friend Ned, I say thank you. I loved you like most dogs do of their humans. I know it will be tough to walk alone. A good dog never dies, so I will walk by your side and in your memories. The one best place to bury a dog is in the heart of his master.

“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.” –James Harriot.

I will finish this now but adding my thanks to all of you who showed such kindness to the assortment of rescue dogs who came here to have a forever home.

So we close with the memories of many dogs and pleased that I still have one dog and an old dump cat.

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