Am I wasting my time?

A letter to the editor.

Dear Honourable Joe Oliver, Federal Minister of Natural Resources:

I just registered as an intervenor for the National Energy Board Joint Review Panel Hearing on the Enbridge proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.  I understand that, as the Minister of Natural Resources, you oversee the National Energy Board for which 90 per cent of its budget comes from oil companies.  I understand that you appoint members of the National Energy Board and I also understand that you will be the final decision maker on Enbridge proposal, whatever the Joint Review Panel will have recommended.  I also understand that the federal government has cut the budget of environmental assessments roughly by half.

Please correct me if I am wrong in the way I understand how things work at your end.  However, if I my understanding is correct, and given your statements recently that you are going to approve the project, do you think I am wasting my time intervening in the Joint Review Panel hearing and assessment when you have clearly indicated it is a done deal?

I would appreciate your reply because it is a lot of volunteer work and personal expenses for me.

Thank you kindly for your reply.

Josette Wier