Spice of Life column

Spice of Life column

Adapting grocery choices to more infrequent trips to the store

Brenda has discovered myriad alternatives to dairy products during self-isolation

So, how are doing with our new lifestyle? I have talked to some of you at a decent distance and I have heard few complaints. Most seem to just get on with living. Mind you, if you have lost your job or you are in a space where the family life does have challenges you want things back to your normal.

For me, life just rolls along with every day being an interesting interlude. It involves looking at all the spring birds, making sure my old dogs are comfortable. Rake a bit, walk a bit and, of course, eat a bit too much.

I go to the grocery store very seldom. The last time I shopped for the same old old stuff I was told where to go. Those arrows on the floor said go this way and then the other way along the next aisle. A bit confusing since the arrows were going a different way than I like. I managed to get sorted out and did not tell the shoppers going against the flow that their directional skills need a tune-up.

It is hard for a person on their own to shop efficiently. For instance, I like cream in my coffee. It doesn’t last long enough so I now buy almond milk. A healthy choice that works well. It has a bit of a nutty flavour and is very nutritious. No cholesterol, no saturated fat. Vitamins, minerals and protein. Added benefits are that one cup comes in at 30 calories. Drink it, cook with it and it last longer than dairy products.

I was surprised how many milk alternatives we have. There is coconut, soy, oat, rice, cashew, hemp and probably more.

It is best to skip the kind with added sugar. Drink it in your coffee, or on its own. I like it with ice cubes in it. Check with the Google people and you will find recipes that call for almond milk. Before I go I must tell you about grapes. Buy a bunch, eat some fresh then freeze the rest. No waste that way.

Stay well and healthy. This time in our lives will be over one day and we will be glad we followed the rules.

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