Although native to Mexico, this poinsettia plant has done very well right here. (File photo)

Although native to Mexico, this poinsettia plant has done very well right here. (File photo)

A wish for the new year and tips for lobelias

Erik plants lobelias first thing in the new year when seeds become available

I would like to wish you all the best for the New Year. So how can this be possible even through diverse circumstances?

A question: What can I do with my poinsettia after the festive season?

Your poinsettia may not look as fresh as it did on Christmas Eve. Like many other plants in your home, it is a tropical plant that will continue to grow and thrive for as long as you care for it.

The colour of a poinsettia is not its blooms. They are called bracts, meant to lure pollinators into the central flowers.

The actual blooms appear as tiny yellow tips in the centre.

When New Year rolls around, the tips will have turned black, and the blooms are finished. Give it a January shot of all-purpose houseplant fertilizer.

Please keep it in a sunny window, away from cold and hot (furnace) drafts.

It will thrive at room temperature ( between 18 and 21 degrees). Please keep it on the dry side, not watering until the soil is dry.

I was just in the basement to get applesauce for supper.

All my products are kept in the root cellar.

I glanced at the carrots, stored in the sand, and I noticed some of them had started setting tops.

When closely examining the sand around the carrots, it felt warm, too warm.

It is essential to keep the temperature at five degrees. So, I connected the cooling fan to the timer to have it come on later at night.

At the beginning of January, I sow the lobelias seeds because it takes them about three months to mature.

The seeds should be available right after the new year. I order mine to make sure they are here on time.

After seeding, do not cover the seeds with soil. Just press them down.

Do not forget the piece of glass to cover the planting tray to keep the moisture in and turn it over every twelve hours.

You need to have a small grow light over the planting tray turned on 24-seven and sit on a germination heating pad until 50 per cent of the seeds have germinated in about four weeks.

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