A welcome to a new baby

A warm welcome to baby Grace Marilyn D’Arcy Maurer, parents Megan D’Arcy and Kevin Maurer. Megan is a member of the Glenwood Womens’ Institute. It has been awhile since we have had a baby in our group.

Did you know that the modern electric hairdryer is a joining of  two unrelated inventions: the vacuum cleaner and the blender. Appeared first in 1920; remember the hose and bonnet that fit over curlers? By the late 1960s hair dryers became truly hand-held. A workshop  called  “Finding My Place in Groups” promotes understanding of self in group situations, helps you to function more effectively and harmoniously in groups.  Addresses dealing with tension, conflict constructively and finding groups that are positive for oneself. Happens on June 3, at 7 p.m.

“Who am I” is a five-day self-discovery workshop that will introduce you to a system that can help you take charge of your life and happiness. Two weekends starting June 17 in the evening. Call Dan or Wendy at 847-3533 for either workshop, by the Northwest Personal Growth Association.

A question was posed by the newspaper: would you recycle more if there was recycling pickup? People seemed more interested in recycling if there was such a service. A note from Marie Bereck gave information on Earth Elements Recycling Service, run by Sam Raven. Ms Raven will pick up your recycling once a week, sort it, delivering it to the appropriate recycling facilities for a nominal fee. Bereck has a busy household of seven and found the service a lifesaver for her family. She wanted to commend Raven for doing an amazing job, wanted to recognize her initiative, ingenuity and determination, doing a good job along with providing a much needed service.

Check out BFDC.bc.ca for the first edition of Beyond the Market newsletter. Meet several farmers in the region, get to know some of the food service operations that are buying local, learn more about the project. Want a print copy? Call Chuck Holyk at 847-1389.

Update from Groundbreakers: Harvest Box early bird sales deadline approaching; Jeannifer Hegan has been hired as Harvest Box Coordinator. Their website www.groundbreakerscollective.ca has been launched. Groundbreakers has withdrawn their rezoning application for the demonstration garden,; they have a meat box program from W Diamond Ranch and there is a Regional District Bulkley Nechako logo contest and agriculture working group survey. More information on their website.

A webinar, “For the Record: Your Health Information Privacy” on June 15 at 4 p.m. Learn the difference between health information, records, who can access them, who owns them and your rights. To register e-mail amclagan@patientvoices.ca.

Closing with: If we wait for the moment when everything is ready, we shall never begin. Ivan Turgenev.


Lorraine Doiron writes the weekly View from the Porch column.