Smithers Interior News Editorial

Smithers Interior News Editorial

A resolution

What if we all resolved to do one little thing to make our community a better place?

Looking back on the old year inevitably brings the question, where did the time go?

In retrospect, Year 2 of COVID-19 was arguably more difficult than the first one despite the fact things did open back up — and remain relatively so with some caveats — and we got vaccines that have, while not eliminating the pandemic, certainly reduced transmission, moderated the worst effects of the disease and saved many lives.

There is no telling, of course, just how bad the fourth wave might have become because you can’t quantify something that didn’t happen. Suffice it to say, it likely would have been much worse.

But unlike 2020, during which we grappled with making sense of what was happening and more or less came together in the spirit of community, 2021 saw conflict and division.

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A sense of common purpose became a flashpoint of strife; differences of opinion became entrenched solitudes.

It is understandable that people under stress — and let’s face it, we all have been these past two years — would fray under the pressure of a crisis that seemingly just won’t go away.

We are all fatigued by it, albeit for many different reasons.

The end of the old year and beginning of the new is traditionally a time when many people make resolutions. These generally take the form of personal goals of self-betterment: eat more healthily, lose weight, quit smoking, save money etc.

For 2022, we propose a different kind of resolution.

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Call us pessimistic, but there is likely no way of coming together on COVID. But what about things we can come together on?

If every single person in the Bulkley Valley did one little thing to make their community a better place, it would add up to a lot of improvement.

Resolve to do something for the betterment of the community.

Get involved in something you care about.

Volunteer for one of the numerous service organizations, non-profits or community clubs that are in deep need of helping hands.

Plan a random act of kindness.

Let’s make 2022 a better year than 2021.

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