Sonja Lester - Hard Copy

Sonja Lester - Hard Copy

A pure act of kindness extended to a stranger

Sonja is moved by the help she received from a mom to print photos

Sarah Wright was sitting next to me at the photo kiosk at Pharmasave and saw me struggling to get some photos printed.I wasn’t getting anywhere and the monitor was showing the usual looping: as all my devices will when I’m stuck.

She came over, hand-sanitized and asked if she could help while the staff members breathed a sigh of relief.

Over and over we tried while she was telling me it was OK. She wasn’t in the store with her four kids. After an hour helping me she said, try this, it took less than a minute to get four photos printed from my phone into 5×7.

I experienced such a pure kindness extended to a stranger.

As 2020 truly closes for good, I must say that the New To You volunteers have given us so much.Our Bulkley Valley District hospital is the beneficiary of their kind, hard work.

Throughout the pandemic they haven’t eased the protocol.They allow only so many in the store and a volunteer sprays our hands with sanitizer.

Not even a fancy, dancy cruise ship can keep up with their graceful service.I hope Santa treats them well and recognizes them for their front-line work.

The pandemic is right in their faces and a store with only volunteers stayed open.And there would be so much to say about the Salvation Army.

I miss my mom. I can’t remember us ever sick when I was a kid. Mom always put bleach in the dishwater and oversaw that part of three children doing dishes.One washed, one dried and one put away.Fun family sibling time, even with the fights.

Fun for me in 2021 will be my headlines.I never know what Thom Barker is going to pull up and shout out.

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Lorraine Doiron and I wish you a wonderful, safe and healthy New Year.