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A perfect storm

The Interior News apologizes for the very late delivery of last week’s print edition

We realize that sometimes bad things happen. But when bad things happen coupled with bad timing, the result can be disastrous.

For The Interior News last week, the timing could not have been worse.

Normally, our papers are printed on Tuesday and arrive in Prince George Wednesday for delivery to us overnight arriving in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

For some reason, still unknown to us, that didn’t happen last week.

Instead, they were in Prince George Thursday morning, which meant we didn’t get them until late Thursday afternoon.

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Had it been last year, when we were still a Wednesday paper, they would have been delivered Thursday morning at the latest, not ideal, but manageable.

Had it been a regular week this year, the papers would have been in PO boxes Friday morning at the latest, not ideal, but manageable.

Of course, it was not a regular week, it was Easter.

Most long weekends, the statutory holiday falls on a Monday. Easter, however, is that one odd one for which the statutory holiday is on Friday.

Normally, that would mean our subscribers would have to wait until Monday to get their papers.

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It gets worse, though, because, while most of us were back to work on Monday, some organizations get both Good Friday and Easter Monday off.

Unfortunately for us, that includes Canada Post.

We understand this was probably aggravating for everyone as it was for us, extremely so.

It’s hard enough to make our weekly print edition timely and relevant printing on Tuesday and delivering on Thursday, much less printing on Tuesday and delivering the following Tuesday.

We sincerely apologize for last week’s hiccup, exacerbated as it was by the worst possible timing imaginable.

It was a perfect storm and we are working on identifying what the problem was so we can ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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