A few good books

Lorraine Doiron talks about life in Smithers in View from the Porch.

The organizing committee for Celebration 2013 would like to have all activities for 2013 recorded. The Centennial is an entire year; events can be planned any time during that year. Come and submit your ideas, however small or silly you think they may be, give your planned events a Centennial twist. What about homecoming/family/school reunions, concerts, Main Street music events, dances, sport tournaments, our history shared in books/home movies/pictures? Shake off winter doldrums, come, have fun letting your mind run wild on January 19, 7-9 p.m., at Saint Joseph’s Auditorium. Questions can be asked over phone to 250-847-4343,  or e-mail  info@smithers2013.com. The website is smithers2013.com

The beautiful Round Lake Hall is generating much community activity from movie nights to family dances to  a coffee house. All on the calendar for January.  Visit www.roundlakebc.com.   Ice making weather has groups of skaters covering the lake, enjoying all the good things about winter in our valley.

A much needed etiquette book to help with manners on Facebook/Twitter/blogging, etc. “The Etiquette Book: A Complete Guide to Modern Manners”

When at the hospital I always check the gift shop. Was rewarded to find a beautiful book called “Frontlines: Portraits of Caregivers in Northern BC” by Sarah de Leeuw and Tim Swanky. Fantastic photography and great articles.

The Glenwood Womens’ Institute is holding its annual bake sale in the Bulkley Village Mall on Saturday, Feb. 11, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bake goods are quickly snapped up: bread, buns, pies, cookies, muffins. Proceeds go to the Children’s Hospital.

What is eco-driving anyways? A new approach to transportation, making choices to reduce the amount of fuel used when transporting yourself from point A to point B.

You don’t need to get rid of your car, or purchase one that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Instead practice driving habits that use less fuel: choose alternatives to driving whenever possible and practical (walking, cycling, biking, taking public transit, carpooling, car-sharing); choose more fuel efficient gas-powered vehicles or alternative-power vehicles. Eco-Driving is preserving your personal mobility in a fuel-efficient and safe manner, something you can do in your own way. Further tips and information on eco-driving is online at www.caa.ca/eco-mobility

Creepy-cool: blood concept perfumes. Unisex scents blended based on your blood type from O (leathery with hints of raspberry, cedar, and thyme) to mineral-driven AB.