Percy the rescue cat checks himself out in the mirror at Dan’s Source for Sports on Main Street in Smithers. (Contributed photo)

Percy the rescue cat checks himself out in the mirror at Dan’s Source for Sports on Main Street in Smithers. (Contributed photo)

A day in the life of @percytherescuecat

Instagram sensation Percy the rescue cat fills in for Tom Roper

It was a normal start to life for me and my sister. We were well looked after and finally our forever family arrived. Two young girls, Wynter and Bergen, and their dad Eerik took us home. I was just happy that my sister, Lola, was able to come too, I know I would have missed her.

These people seemed nice and life was looking pretty good. We had our two squares a day and laying around sleeping seemed OK, but something was missing for me.

Lola was happy, people would drop in and scratch her head and neck. I was OK with it too but I wanted a bit more out of this existence. It took me a while to figure it out, I just needed to be outside and travel a bit. So that’s what I did.

OK, I had to get my bearings and figure out the lay of the land. Sure I made a few mistakes, maybe went a few places I shouldn’t have, but, hey, everybody’s got to learn. And sometimes the hard way, like the day I was passing between two buildings. You know, sometimes there is room to get through and sometimes there isn’t. I got stuck. Yes, I had to call out for a while but someone heard me and what’s the big deal.

My mate Eerik came up with the idea of the GPS so he could follow me when I’m on a walkabout. I guess it’s OK and I’ve got this QR code so my friends can take a pic of me on their phone and send it to Eerik just so he knows where I’m hanging out.

Did I say friends? Well that’s the difference between me and my sister, I’ve got friends and lots of them. Remember when the movie people were in town a few months back, I met them all and they seemed to think that I was something else, sort of like a movie star. Whatever, it was OK for me.

I still like to go home and hang out with the girls and my sister. I still like to sleep half the day away but when the urge to travel hits, I just like to drop in on friends and catch up on the town gossip. I have been getting to know most of the business owners on First Avenue West and both sides of Main street. It is kind of nice to be recognized and now that I am on Instagram I can even connect with some new friends from out of town. Eerik even set me up with a high visibility vest just to make sure people know I’m coming.

I have had a chance to meet some of the street folks, they seem pretty nice. And the other day, I was down at McBike and met Peter and Jill. Then I dropped over to Dan’s Source for Sports for a picture-taking session

OK, I can be a bit of a name-dropper but who isn’t.

So Eerik says I could be famous, you know someone could write a book about my travels, we could make a pile of money.

But no I’m just going remain #percy_insmithers enjoying my family and friends, and maybe I’ll get to meet you one day.

Hope you are enjoying your life as much as I do.


Percy the rescue cat pauses by a tree at the corner of Second Avenue and Main Street. (Contributed photo)

Percy the rescue cat. (Contributed photo)